Pushing Hands Open Nights

Friday 14th January

7.00 pm to 9.00pm

Baltonsborough Village Hall


Monday 31st January

7.30pm to 9.30pm

EMI Sports & Social Club, Wells

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What is Taiji?

Taiji (or Tai Chi) is an ancient Chinese form of exercise. Originally practiced as a martial art, taiji was recognised to be very strengthening for the body, mind and spirit. In the west it is often practiced for it’s health giving properties. The movements are soft and gentle.

What is Chigung?

Chigung exercises are movements which promote the flow of the body’s natural energy and stimulate blood circulation. They have been used in China for hundreds of years to promote good health.

What is a taiji form?

Traditionally the taiji families in China each invented their own series of taiji movements in excercises known as taiji sets or forms. There are many different family styles – the main ones being Chen, Yang, Wu and Sun. Each of these may be sub-divided so there can be many different styles of taji and some of them have been simplified so that they are more easily learned by beginners.

What do I need to wear?

It helps if you wear layers so that you can remove a layer if you get too warm. Shoes with a thin flexible sole are best but you may wish to work in bare feet.

Is it good for me?

Many doctors and health practitioners in the west now recognise the benefits of the regular practice of taiji. It can help to strengthen muscles, joints and tendons while, at the same time having a relaxing and calming influence on body and mind.Practising taiji will also help to improve your balance and posture.

Is it easy to learn?

The secret of learning taiji is to practice as often as you can but do not be in a hurry to learn everything at once – take it slowly and gently.

What about the martial aspects?

It is not necessary to practice martial techniques but each movement is easier to understand when you know it’s original purpose. These movements can be used for self-defence.

Can anybody learn it?

It is also possible to do the exercises sitting down if you have health problems.

Can beginners come to workshops?

Yes, taiji workshops focus on one particular aspect of exercise that we do in the class and usually suit all levels.

Firstly, to create a full weekly syllabus of daily activities and monthly workshops. Secondly, As a long term project, to facilitate the creation of an 'Oriental Arts of Glastonbury' shop, which could be a focal and social meeting point. (The nearest Martial Arts shops are in Bristol and Taunton - a shop of this type could sell Martial Art weapons and equipment, clothing and shoes, ornaments, books and dvds etc... there is nothing like this in the area and it could bring in customers. Thirdly, it is hoped that once there is a strong 'collective' of Taiji teachers and students, that a permanent hall or training centre can be acquired. If you feel that you can contribute ideas or wish to help us with this project then please get in touch with either Yuri or Linda.

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Get inspired by oriental spirituality

If you are looking for the best way to relieve stress and feel better in your own skin, find your inspiration in oriental spirituality. They lead balanced lifestyles, they manage somehow to take it easier and enjoy every moment of life. The first step towards achieving this goal is by having some Tai Chi classes. Whether you are in Dubai, London, Paris or New York, Tai Chi will teach you basic things about harmony, meditation and balance.

Chinese martial arts

Tai Chi was originally developed by Taoist priest. Although it is a combat style derived from Kung Fu, Tai Chi is mostly soft and it teaches people about the soft, internal energy building side of the system. This form of martial arts is an ancient Chinese art that coordinates the moves of the body and assists in cultivating the internal energy, also known as “chi”. The purpose of Tai Chi and the reason why so many people in the world practice it is that it harmonizes the body, mind and spirit.

Practice Tai Chi in Dubai with your favorite master and stay fit and healthy practicing the principles of oriental spirituality. You may even attend to the classes with a Dubai escort if you do not want to be there alone. But you will soon start to love Tai Chi, its smooth moves and how it will make you feel. When you have a bad day or your personal problems seem to overwhelm you, remember what you learnt at Tai Chi, breathe slowly and focus on a few moves that will promote the elimination of stress from your body.

In time, Tai Chi will change you considerably. You will understand that most of your problems are insignificant, you will become more tolerant and more relaxed about everything about you. You will be stronger, your body will look more appealing and you will feel healthier too. Many health problems are related to stress, so by maintaining low stress levels with Tai Chi you will succeed to reduce their incidence.

The gentle exercises and slow motions can be practiced anywhere in Dubai. Whether you prefer to be guided by a master, you wish to practice Tai Chi at home or in a green park where chirping birds will set you in the mood for this martial art, what really matters is to practice it and meditate in the same time. Get your loose clothes and cool down your breath in order to relax your body and mind. Feel how peace surrounds you, close your eyes to focus better on your moves and breathe constantly to gather energy. Make movements flow, maintain continuity and focus your mind so that you will prevent body strain. You will soon enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi, especially if it is the first time when you consider the oriental spirituality.

Some people compare this martial art with Yoga. They are both about meditation and controlling the breath, but Yoga will not help you self-defense. There are many other differences between them. Try Tai Chi for a week and discover its benefits on your own!